Main function of CME Telemetering is for real-time supervisory, indication, alarm reporting (for every tool) and alarm/event log which may be used for preventive and curative maintenance requirements. CME Telemetering is connected to OMC for alarm supervisory and this reporting/indication so that anticipative action, management and follow-up can be effectively and immediately taken.

It is installation mechanism to connect signal from counter mechanics to Toll Collector Terminal so that supervisor do not have to make any record manually to every counter mechanics in every ticket booth.

Counter mechanics is through-vehicle counter based on loop coil. This loop coil is not connected to Toll Collector Terminal sensor, but it is alternative or back up for transaction counter.

Alat untuk mengucapkan tarif yang harus dibayar pengguna jalan.

Menunjukkan kemampuan TBN untuk menambah peralatan dengan menge-tap jalur komunikasi yang ada (TCT ke TFI). Berikut kemampuan membaca protokol yang ada. Walaupun terkesan sederhana, alat ini inovatif, sekaligus tetap memberi value berupa peningkatan kepuasan pengguna jalan.

It displays fare to driver.

It reads and writes data to smartcard (student card, office card, prepaid card, etc.). It is called ‘intelligent’ because it is equipped with microcontroller to process data as business process runs in free way. Extremely, in MMS, SCT must have function as autonomous transaction tool, unconnected to TCT.

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