The principle of SMS alarm system is to monitor alarms in various wares of Nodal BTS such as: Electric Generator, Door, Fire alarm, Temperature, Rectifier, Gain Set, and Fuel/Solar. Next, every scenario of alarm parameter will be sent via sms.

Like the name, this software is used to record images to CCTV. This application replays the record, and provides event and classification-based replay features. It is a tool for a supervisor, supervising ticket booth from computer.

It is based on Global Positioning System (GPS) so that office may have data access from satellite about where vehicle position is. This system records position data of every vehicle. Otherwise, it also may send data from vehicle to head office.

It is commonly required by courier armada, expedition, taxi, truck, police or military vehicle, school bus, ambulance, etc. It is cheap and reliable because it is based on microcontroller. Communication way may be radio, GSM, or GPRS.

Multi Purpose Vehicle

System Call TCT

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